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Monday, 22 January 2018

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Vision :

Offering innovative solutions by creating eco friendly products for architects, designers, industries and every people with continuous emphasis on exotic designs and at the same time improving well being of grass-root economy who benefit directly from its activities. Our eco friendly products will become a primary choice for many people who support “Save the Earth for Our children”  or  other GREEN campaigns.

Mission :

Our Mission emphasizes  in 3 Core Values:

COCOMOSAIC tiles and decorative series are designed and processed to keep its natural beauty and bring  out the exotic nature to wherever it is used. All our products have been designed with “Saving Planet Earth “ in mind

COCOMOSAIC tiles and decorative series is the perfect environmental solution because coconut tiles use 100% coconut fruit which keep the coconut trees alive and yet producing even more fruit. Our COCOMOSAIC tiles are ecologically sustainable. By using our coconut tiles as the choice for wall, ceiling and floor decors, the deforestation can be greatly reduced.

COCOMOSAIC contributes to many social activities. Not only creating many jobs for un-employed people at grass-root and Green economy, but we also have real programs that employ disable people to optimize their potential by giving them an equal chance to work in our team. We also have never ending programs for planting trees to boost even further our environmental responsibility and commitment.

Cocomosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls, ceilings and floors while at the same time helping a greener environment by making use of otherwise wasted coconut-shell materials.

Cocomosaic tiles are made of  coconut-shell chips. Our coconut chips are cut from natural coconut shells which are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia.
Coconut shells are readily available and so far only a little portion of it is used for charcoals, which creates a low added value. The other uses of the shells which are of higher value are still not available.

Coconut chips are lightweight, durable, natural and beautifully decorative.  They are easy to care, easy to design with and have exotic looks. Now by using cocomosaic tiles, we can have the style we need while being environmentally conscious and active in our choices.

The coconut chips are then assembled by skillful artist into tiles. All the processes that go into the production of cocomosaic tiles until they are boxed and ready to ship are tedious and mostly involve hand work. This side of cocomosaic production fits to our country’s profile where we in Indonesia still need to create millions of jobs to fight poverty. A production of 250 m2 a month will occupy at least 40 workers busy for the whole month.
By producing tens of millions of coconut chips, we can imagine how these beautiful coconut chips really help the design enthusiast, while caring for the environment and fighting for the world’s poverty.

After years of exploring in hotels, residential and commercial projects, now we would like to push further. Our tiles come in a box of six,  each is 42 cm x 42 cm (16.5 inch x 16.5 inch). The tiles are ready to use and very easy to apply.
But if you are  unsure, a regular building worker who usually installs ceramics will be able to do this easily. We recommend the use of silicon glue to apply it with.

Good Luck with your choices and enjoy our beautiful and exotic ecofriendly and 100% natural mosaic tiles

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